Habelman Bros. Company Summary

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Habelman Bros. Company has been growing and selling fresh cranberries for over one hundred years. Although we are small in comparison to other food companies, we are the world’s largest grower and packager of “fresh” cranberries. The cranberry’s inherent health benefits make it a great choice for families across the world. Further, “fresh” cranberries offer numerous advantages over other “processed” forms of cranberries. By starting with “fresh” cranberries, consumers can tailor their recipes to lower calorie or sweeten-to-taste versions, as well as freeze extra quantities for future, year-round availability. “Fresh” cranberries are also a traditional ingredient in holiday decorations and craft projects. Habelman Bros. Company has four generations behind their commitment to remaining the best-in-class within the “fresh” cranberry industry. We continue to make significant investments in our growing, cleaning and packaging operations in order to continually set the standard for our industry in both fruit quality and food safety. Also, we incorporate the very best technology in our sorting and packing lines. Lastly, we are also constantly updating our marketing and web-based promotions, in order to continually raise consumers’ awareness of the health benefits and general goodness of regular consumption of cranberries. Fresh Habelman Bros. Cranberries are sold at most major retailers from October to Christmas.